The Four Benefits of Vitamin E for the Skin

Benefits of Vitamin E

The Four Benefits of Vitamin E for the Skin

Taking your vitamins is essential for optimal health; this goes for taking them internally and externally. We know that taking vitamins by mouth is vital, but using vitamin serums on our skin is also essential. Using vitamin serums in your daily beauty routine is a great way to help your skin look and feel its best. Applying vitamin serum to your skin can help you in several different ways. We recently wrote about the benefits of vitamin C for your skin, and now we would like to touch upon vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in our skin oil (sebum). Still, vitamin E levels naturally decline with age and can be depleted by sunlight, tanning beds, and even certain lightbulbs. If you want to have healthy, radiant skin, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin E for the skin.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin E for the Skin?

#1. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, and when used topically, it can help reduce wrinkles and help stall the effects of aging. Vitamin E helps with blood circulation, so it should come as no surprise that vitamin E can help improve the firmness and structure of the skin.

#2. Vitamin E has been shown to promote cell turnover and regeneration, which can help make your skin look and feel silky smooth, and soft. Applying a vitamin E serum daily can help bring new cells to the surface of your skin faster, all while preventing irritation.

#3. If you have a problem with hyperpigmentation, where you have dark patches on your skin, vitamin E can help. Also called melasma, hormones and other causes can trigger hyperpigmentation. Still, studies have shown that applying a topical vitamin E oil, along with a vitamin C serum, can help treat hyperpigmentation.

#4. If you have itchy, flaky, dry skin, applying a topical vitamin E oil can help. Vitamin E serum can help enhance moisturization and hydration. Vitamin E is considered to be a hydrating molecule that works as both an emollient (traps water in the skin) and a humectant (absorbs moisture into the skin). However, avoid using a vitamin E oil serum if you already have oily skin and often suffer from acne breakouts.

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