What You Can and Cannot Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery

Can and Cannot Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery

What You Can and Cannot Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery

Preparing correctly for your procedure and knowing what you can and cannot do before facial plastic surgery is critical for optimal healing. When you are having plastic surgery, it pays to pay heed to pre-and post-care recommendations, especially if you want the best results possible. Lifestyle adjustments and following guidelines are often necessary before surgery, which can mean putting your daily regimen and some of your anti-aging and skin care treatments on hold.

What You Can and Cannot Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery

Before Facial Plastic Surgery, Stop:

• If you happen to use retinol or Retin-A as part of your daily regimen, make sure you stop five to seven days before your scheduled surgery. Otherwise, you risk irritating your skin.
• Do you use a wrinkle relaxer? If so, put wrinkle relaxers on hold three weeks before surgery.
• Before eye and facial surgery, it is best to skip skin resurfacing treatments. Otherwise, it could interfere with the healing process.
• Avoiding filler injections before surgery is also recommended since it can negatively affect the results of surgery.
• If you are using Accutane (isotretinoin), it is advised that you stop taking this medication six months before surgery because it can negatively affect your body’s ability to heal wounds.
• Just like any surgery, you will likely have to stop drinking and eating the night before surgery. Generally, you will be given specific instructions at your pre-operative appointment.
• Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes before surgery can increase the risk of surgical complications. It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol for at least three days before surgery, and cigarettes should cease two to six weeks before surgery.

What You Can Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery:

• If you use at-home microcurrent treatments, you are in the clear. Microcurrent treatments are okay to do, within reason, since they are easy on the skin.
• You are okay to pamper your skin with facials before surgery, especially those focusing on light exfoliation and hydration.
• Using LED light therapy, facial rollers, and facial masks are all okay to do before and after facial plastic surgery.

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