Summer Recovery Advice for Plastic Surgery Patients

Summer Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

Summer Recovery Advice for Plastic Surgery Patients

Having plastic surgery during the summer is not for everyone. Many want to use this time to spend time with family at an outdoor gathering or hanging out by the pool. But there is an upside to having plastic surgery done during the summertime. For some, getting time off from work may be more manageable. Also, getting an appointment with your surgeon may be less of a headache, since some plastic surgeons may have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling during the summer months. However, if you want to have a speedy recovery, knowing some helpful summer plastic surgery recovery tips can help ensure a smooth recovery.

While having plastic surgery during the summer is not exactly ideal, in some cases, it may be the only downtime you have. If you can’t avoid going under the knife during the summer, check out these helpful summer plastic surgery recovery tips.

• The last thing you want to be while healing is hot and miserable. Your procedure may leave you heavily bandaged, which can make the summer heat feel even more oppressive. Aim to stay indoors while you heal. This way, you can remain cool and comfortable while your body heals.
• While staying hydrated during the summer is essential. It becomes even more so before and after surgery. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can help speed up the healing process, and can also help reduce post-surgery symptoms. Dehydration can actually increase your chances of experiencing uncomfortable symptoms.
• While you are healing from plastic surgery, stay out of the sun! After plastic surgery, you may be more susceptible to sunburn, so aim to keep out of the sun as much as possible. If you can’t avoid it, wear a large hat and other garments that can help block the harmful UV rays.
• When you can’t stay out of the sun, make sure that you wear sunscreen. Remaining diligent on reapplying your sunscreen is also important since your scars can become permanently darkened if it receives too much sun exposure. Exercise extreme caution while your incision scars are still pink.
• Getting a good night’s rest every night is critical when you are trying to heal from surgery. Sleep helps the body heal and can help reduce inflammation. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact the healing process, so make sure you get enough rest. Make sure to listen to your body, which means if you feel the need to take a mid-afternoon nap, take it.
• If you plan on having surgery and a vacation during the summer, make sure you do not over-schedule yourself. Anytime you are planning an activity, outing, or trip, make sure you take your surgery into consideration. Leave yourself with enough time to heal. This way, the healing process doesn’t throw a wrench into your plans.

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