Using Botox to Treat Migraines

Using Botox to Treat Migraines

Using Botox to Treat Migraines

Botox is widely known as a treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, research on the benefits of Botox is expanding. For example, the FDA approved Botox to treat migraines officially.

About Chronics Migraines

Chronic migraines are defined as a condition in which a person experiences a headaches for at least 15 days per month. Which an estimated 3.2 million people in the United States suffering from chronic migraines, many patients are seeking effective treatment.

Botox to Treat Chronic Migraines

Luckily, there has been widely reported success with using Botox to treat migraines.

In one study of adults suffering from chronic migraine headaches, Botox injections reduced the total number of days they experienced them, as well as other types of headaches. They also had more completely pain-free days each month. Subjects also reported fewer days off work.

This treatment works to prevent migraines before their onset, but it does take time to gain full effects. The way it works is by injecting it around the pain fibers that cause headaches. Once Botox enters the nerve endings, it is able to block the release of neurotransmitters and chemicals that work in pain pathways. Over the course of multiple Botox treatments, patients will begin to experience increasing benefit. That being said, it can take up to six months to feel the full results.

Temporary side effects from this treatment can include neck soreness, focal pain at the injection site, dry mouth, and discomfort when swallowing. However, these feelings will subside a few days after the injections.

Is it the Right Treatment for You?

Although not everyone is going to respond to Botox as a treatment for migraines, it is still effective for many individuals to reduce the frequency and severity of chronic migraine headaches. While it can be difficult to predict who will positively respond to this treatment, those who do respond will normally notice an improvement in their headaches after their first set of injections.

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