How to Minimize Scarring After Plastic Surgery

minimize scarring after facial plastic surgery

How to Minimize Scarring After Plastic Surgery

When going into a consultation with a plastic surgeon, patients frequently ask about scarring and how to minimize their visibility after a procedure. Most often, plastic surgery procedures involve incisions that will leave scarring. It is a natural part of the body’s healing process. That being said, there are actions patients can take to minimize scarring after facial plastic surgery and promote faster healing.

Choose a skilled, board-certified surgeon.

An experienced plastic surgeon will know where to make incisions so that they are less visible as they heal. To gain insight on how your scars will look post-operation, you can ask your surgeon for a portfolio of before and after photos from previous patients.

Allow time for recovery.

You just underwent a surgical procedure, so now is the time to take it easy. Allowing your body to rest promotes your skin to heal and rebuild. Putting unnecessary stress on your body, especially where the incisions are healing can lead to larger scars. Your plastic surgeon will outline detailed instructions for returning to activity after the procedure – be sure to follow them and ask for clarification if needed.

Keep the surgical tape on as instructed.

Surgical tape is there to protect your incisions and support your skin’s healing. Do not remove it before getting permission from your surgeon.

Avoid contact with the sun.

It is important as you are healing to avoid exposing your scars to the sun. Healing skin is more sensitive, leaving it more susceptible to UV damage. It may also result in darker scars. Keep the area covered and protected by full-spectrum sunscreen even after it’s mostly healed.

Try topical scar-minimizing treatment.

Ask your surgeon about their recommendations for products that can safely and effectively reduce your scar’s appearance. Keeping it hydrated is a priority so that it does not dry out. With that, never pick at your scabs! It will fall off when it is ready.

Ask about massage.

Patients in the past have has success in the past by taking a few minutes each day to massage their scars to promote healing. That being said, it is crucial to not put any strain on the area, so be sure to ask your surgeon about proper techniques

Consider your diet.

Paying attention to what you consume can have a significant impact on how your body heals. Choose nutritionally dense and antioxidant-rich foods, and drink plenty of clean water. This will give your body the tools it needs to heal best.

Do not smoke.

Smoking has a direct effect on your ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Tobacco smoke also fills the blood cells with poisonous carbon monoxide, which inhibits the body’s ability to carry oxygen as needed. As a result, the body must work much harder and still delivers lesser results.

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