Timeline to Help You Prepare for Your Facial Plastic Surgery

prepare for your facial plastic surgery

Timeline to Help You Prepare for Your Facial Plastic Surgery

Deciding to get facial plastic surgery is an exciting and empowering decision, but with surgery comes necessary preparation. Surgery is a major investment: not only in the procedure, but in yourself. The time and money you invest in your surgery prep will make all the difference in your recovery and results. Here is a timeline to help you prepare for your facial plastic surgery.

1-3 months before surgery

  • Schedule surgery when you feel healthy to give your immune system the best opportunity to help with a swift recovery. When scheduling, also take into consideration any paid vacation time you may be able to use.
  • As soon as possible, begin supplementing your diet with higher levels of vitamins A, C, zinc, selenium, and copper. These specific nutrients aid in healing wounds and strengthening the immune system, which will in turn reduce your risk of infection after the procedure.
  • Take extra care of your skin by adopting regimented a skincare routine. Healthy skin will allow better healing of scars.

2-4 weeks before surgery

  • Seek medical clearance from your primary care physician. Most likely, your plastic surgeon will require this anyway, but regardless is important information to have as you move forward with the surgery to make sure it all goes smoothly.

1-2 weeks before surgery

  • Practice relaxation. 2 weeks before surgery is usually when nerves begin to set in for patients. This is generally overlooked, but in order to prepare for your facial plastic surgery it is important to keep your stress levels at bay to ensure optimal health going into the procedure. Taking the timing to practice yoga, meditation, or deep breathing can help you feel mentally and physically ready for the operation.
  • Openly communicate with your plastic surgeon. Make sure all of your questions have been answered and no important details have been overlooked. This is also the time to go over any misunderstandings within to Pre-Op and Post-Op instructions.
  • Stop taking certain supplements that could cause adverse reactions during surgery. This includes: anti-inflammatories, dong quai, echinacea, fish oil caps, garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kava kava, ephedra, St.John’s Wort, and vitamin E.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking slows wound healing due to less oxygen being supplied to the body’s cells.  It also increases the risk of surgery complications.
  • Do not drink alcohol 72 hours before (or after) the surgery because it stifles the immune system.

1 day before surgery

  • Eat healthy, mild, light meals and stay well hydrated. That being said, be sure not to eat or drink anything after midnight, unless told otherwise by your surgeon
  • Do not take aspirin. Any aspirin-containing products are blood thinner, which can promote bleeding during surgery.
  • Get excited! At this point, you should be feeling ready for the procedure and to begin the recovery process.

Surgery Day and Recovery

  • No eating or drinking whatsoever.  Even when brushing your teeth, be sure to spit out all of the water. To prepare for your facial plastic surgery, be sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the operation facility.
  • Find friends and family to help you. From driving you home after the procedure to giving emotional comfort, having a support system will help you get through any obstacles during the recovery period.
  • Take Probiotics. After your surgery, surgeons usually prescribe antibiotics to fight any infections. Taking probiotics in conjunction with antibiotics is a great way to avoid any gastrointestinal issues that the side-effects of antibiotics cause.

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