How Can a Fat Transfer Reverse the Signs of Aging?

Fat Transfer

How Can a Fat Transfer Reverse the Signs of Aging?

Do you wish you could “fill out” your face? While aging is a blessing, the effects of aging can affect the volume of the face and other areas of the body. As we age, our face loses volume, but a fat transfer can help rejuvenate your face and body and reverse the signs of aging.

What is a Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer allows you to add volume to different areas of the body without using artificial fillers. Fat is transferred from one part of the body to the donor site. It could be anywhere on the body, but the face is a popular donor site. While the face is the body’s most common area, other areas can also benefit from this procedure. The lips, hands, buttocks, and breasts are other areas of the body where a fat transfer is done, especially since it’s effective at treating scars and other abnormal depressions on the body.

What are the Benefits?

• Can help reverse the signs of aging
• Results are natural-looking
• Lessens lines and wrinkles
• Plumps your facial features
• Uses natural tissue, not artificial fillers
• Procedure is minimally invasive
• Offers permanent results

Am I a Good Candidate?

Meeting the qualities below means, you are a good candidate for a fat transfer. However, if you do not meet all of the characteristics below, it does not automatically disqualify you as a candidate. You may be a good candidate if you are:

• Not overweight
• In good health
• Don’t smoke
• Not breastfeeding or pregnant
• Don’t have active acne
• Not taking blood thinner medication
• Are over the age of 40
• Have a donor region that’s suitable for the procedure

If you are interested in a facial fat transfer, contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if you are a good candidate.

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