What Makes a Blepharoplasty So Popular?

Blepharoplasty Popular

What Makes a Blepharoplasty So Popular?

Throughout the years, beauty trends ebb and flow. Due to ever-changing beauty standards, what is popular at the moment in time can change and vary throughout the years. However, some things don’t change, or change much at all, and remain timeless no matter what the current standards are. The same applies to cosmetic surgery. At NY Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we have noticed how particular procedures wax and wane in their popularity, but the one procedure that has remained consistently popular throughout the years is eyelid surgery. Also known as a blepharoplasty, eyelid lifts have remained popular, despite the ever-changing beauty trends and standards. If you are wondering what makes a blepharoplasty popular, check out some of the reasons why an eyelid lift never goes out of style.

Quick and Convenient

Unlike other forms of plastic surgery, recovering from blepharoplasty surgery is relatively quick and convenient. If you are looking for a procedure that won’t put you out during the recovery period, an eyelid lift can radically change your appearance (for the better). It won’t sideline you and pull you away from your day-to-day life. The recovery process is relatively painless and will not affect your ability to see. In fact, many patients can return to work after one week!

No More Puffy, Drooping Eyelids

As we age, the delicate skin around the eye can start to droop and sag, and stubborn undereye bags can appear, which can make a person look tired, drowsy, or even consistently angry. Having an eyelid lift or a blepharoplasty can quickly and easily address these cosmetic concerns. Eyes aren’t just windows to the soul. They are often one of the first things another person notices. There is no better way, or quicker way, to improve your appearance. This aspect alone is what makes a blepharoplasty popular.

Changes are Subtle

As we just mentioned, the eyes are often the first facial feature other people notice. Sagging, droopy eyelids can make your eyes look tired and worn, even when you are well-rested. Luckily, having an eyelid lift can help reduce puffiness and address excess skin around the eyes, making a person’s face look brighter. Eyelid surgery offers an upgraded look with subtle changes, which means it’s the perfect surgery for both men and women.

A Complement to Other Procedures

Depending on your needs and wants, a blepharoplasty perfectly complements our other procedures. Creating the total rejuvenation package, having an eyelid lift goes great with a brow lift and a facelift. Combining procedures is easy and is a great way to restore a youthful-looking face. The fountain of youth exists within these procedures, so contact us today for a consultation if you want to reset the clock on aging!

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