What to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

What to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. While rhinoplasty surgery can correct a humped nasal bridge, a disproportionate nose, and a bulbous tip, it is also used to fix problems with the nose or nostrils. There are many reasons why a person would undergo a rhinoplasty, and not all of them are for vanity purposes. Congenital defects, trauma, impaired nasal function, and even a botched previous rhinoplasty are some of the reasons why a person would undergo surgery. No matter your reasons for nose reshaping, it is imperative that you know what to avoid after rhinoplasty surgery if you want the best results.

What Should I Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Avoid heat– Being outside in hot weather, taking hot showers, and consuming hot foods and beverages can aggravate nasal swelling, so avoid any form of excessive heat while you heal.
Vigorous exercise– Participating in strenuous exercise can worsen the swelling in your nose after rhinoplasty, so avoid vigorous activity until your nasal bones have healed fully and your doctor clears you.
Smoking– Before and after surgery, you mustn’t smoke or chew nicotine. This is because nicotine restricts blood flow, hindering the healing process. Also, being around others who smoke is not advisable.
Sleeping on your side or stomach– Unfortunately, you will need to adjust your sleeping habits while you heal if you are a stomach or side sleeper. Sleeping with your head elevated is necessary while your nasal bones heal, so use pillows to prop your head up or sleep in a recliner.
Blowing your nose– You should avoid blowing your nose for the first six weeks following a rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, this can be difficult and uncomfortable since your nasal tissues are likely to be inflamed, making you feel like you need to blow your nose. Also, when you sneeze, try to sneeze out of your mouth and not your nose.
Avoid wearing glasses– After surgery, you want to avoid having any sort of pressure on the nose for about six weeks. Otherwise, you risk additional bruising and swelling, which could negatively affect the surgical results. However, if you have to wear glasses for any reason, make sure you wear your surgical splint on your nose underneath your glasses.
Sun exposure– If you happen to be a sun worshipper, try to schedule your surgery during the winter months since you need to stay out of the sun during the healing process. Until your skin and nasal bones are healed, your skin will be more susceptible to sunburn. While you should never want to get sunburnt, you will want to avoid the sun after a rhinoplasty since sunburn can deepen the appearance of scars.
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