Halloween Makeup Facial Tips

Halloween Makeup Facial Tips

Halloween Makeup Facial Tips

Halloween is the time of year we can wear a different mask and be anything else for a day. While plenty of Halloween masks are available, making up your face on this spooky holiday allows for more artistic freedom, and Halloween makeup provides more variety and creativity. However, the after-effects of Halloween makeup can be rather scary. Rashes and breakouts can occur after wearing Halloween makeup, especially after a long night, but following our Halloween makeup facial tips can help.

Halloween Makeup Facial Tips: How to Treat Your Skin Right

Use a Barrier Cream
Halloween makeup usually isn’t the best quality, but even if you plan to use high-quality makeup, protecting your skin by using a barrier cream is necessary. Costume makeup can stain the skin or irritate it, but using a barrier cream can help avoid absorption, so you don’t wake up to colored skin the next day.
Use Cosmetic Grade Only
As previously stated, Halloween makeup usually isn’t the best quality, and this can lead to rashes, breakouts, and even stained skin. So instead, look for makeup that is cosmetic grade, which will be less harsh on the skin. Cheap makeup from the drugstore or a Halloween store can clog your pores. Don’t let the label “hypoallergenic” fool you. Non-cosmetic grade makeup will often do more harm than good.
Make Sure You Have Clean Brushes
Are you planning on using makeup brushes to apply your makeup? If so, ensure that you have clean brushes before you apply your makeup. If you are using new brushes, this isn’t necessary, but if you are planning to use brushes that have makeup residual on them, make sure you properly wash your makeup brushes with a gentle cleanser and let them dry before you use them.
Wash Your Face at the End of the Day
Even if you don’t apply a lot of makeup, don’t go to bed at night without washing your face. Sleeping with your Halloween makeup still applied can transfer to your pillowcase and lead to clogged pores and irritated skin and eyes. Be gentle when removing your makeup, especially around the eyes, and check the label for any instructions on how to remove your Halloween makeup.

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