Superfoods for Skin: What to Eat for Glowing Skin

Superfoods for Skin

Superfoods for Skin: What to Eat for Glowing Skin

You are what you eat is a popular adage that most of us are aware of, and it’s true. If you eat foods high in fat and sugar, devoid of any real nutrients, your skin will show this in the form of pimples, dark under-eye circles, and dull skin. However, if you eat a diet rich in nutrients, your skin appears healthy-looking and glowing. One of the best types of food to add to your diet is superfoods, foods that contain a high nutritional density and are good for your overall health and skin. If you are looking to add more of the best superfoods for skin into your diet, then check out this list of foods you should be adding to your grocery list.

Dark Chocolate

Probably one of the best-tasting superfoods for skin health is dark chocolate. Real dark chocolate or cacao can actually help improve the look of your skin. High in flavanols, dark chocolate can help protect your skin from UV radiation and help firm and tighten your skin.


Not only is ginger a great detoxifier, but it’s also great when used as a treatment for acne scars and dark spots. A superfood that is rich in antioxidants, ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that can help rejuvenate the skin, improve elasticity, and help even out your skin tone.


This versatile fruit is good when used in various recipes or on its own, and the best part is it’s nutrient-dense and delicious. Avocadoes can help firm the skin, help with skin regeneration, and can leave your face with a beautiful natural glow.


Adding more salmon to your diet at least two times a week is an excellent way to nourish your skin from the inside out. Salmon is high in healthy fatty acids, which can help collagen production, calm inflammation, and help keep the skin glowing and wrinkle-free.


Not only high in anthocyanins, which have been found to help fight cancer, but blueberries are also high in antioxidants and are considered to be one of the best superfoods for your skin. Adding more blueberries to your diet can help with premature aging, reducing wrinkles, and evening out your skin tone.

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