Easter Skin Detox: How to Counteract the Effects of Overindulgence

Easter Skin Detox

Easter Skin Detox: How to Counteract the Effects of Overindulgence

With Valentine’s Day behind us and Easter upon us, many of us may have been (or will be) a victim of overindulgence. Easter is known for its comfort food as many gather with friends and family. Candy and other sugary-sweet food items are often consumed on mass, and alcohol is often thrown into the mix. While it may feel worth it at the time, overindulgence in such items can negatively affect your body and the appearance of your skin. Eating too much sugar can make your skin break out and appear dull. However, if you do an Easter skin detox after the holiday, you can restore order to your skin and even your body.

The spike in holiday eating and celebrating can take a toll on your body and skin. However, our Easter skin detox tips below can help you restore your skin’s natural radiance and beauty.

• Drinking water during the holidays and afterward can help flush the toxins from your body. If you plan on overindulging, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you plan on drinking alcohol, alternate between an alcoholic beverage and a glass of water. After the holiday, make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to help your body detox.
• Eating a healthy diet is important, always. However, if you go overboard during the holidays, make sure you stick to a strict regime afterward to help purge the toxins from your body. Ideally, you still want to eat healthy during the holidays. Just make sure you keep it in balance. If you plan on eating a lot of candy, make sure you eat a healthy meal before indulging. All in all, eating healthy makes your skin look healthy, so aim to add more healthy food into your daily diet that can help your body naturally detox.
• Giving your skin some extra TLC during and after the holidays can also help you counteract the bad effects of sugar and alcohol. Ensure your skin stays clean and makeup-free. If you have to wear makeup during times of celebration, make sure you exfoliate and cleanse your skin afterward. Properly cleaning and moisturizing your skin is key, especially after a period of overindulgence. If you really want to treat yourself, have a microdermabrasion after the holidays to help your skin appear more vibrant and healthy.
• Getting plenty of exercise is always important, no matter the time of year. Regular exercise and breaking a good sweat can help detox your body and keep your skin looking bright and healthy because it helps increase blood flow. An increase in blood flow can help nourish skin cells by supplying much-needed oxygen and nutrients and helps the body with the detoxification process. So if you plan on overindulging over the holiday, then plan on implementing a strict workout regime to help assist your body in the detoxification process.

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