How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Supple During the Winter

Winter Skincare

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Supple During the Winter

Having healthy, beautiful skin is something that many strive for. However, during the winter season, it can be a battle to keep your skin radiant and supple. The cold weather can cause your skin to become dry and flaky and can even cause your skin to crack and bleed (especially on your hands). Your poor skin can even become chapped while you stay indoors since forced indoor heating can leave your skin dry and flaky. Following the same skincare routine as you did in the summer and fall months, don’t cut it during the winter, so it is important to change up your routine during the winter season. Following our helpful winter skincare tips below can help you keep your skin radiant and moisturized all season long.

The winter season affects all skin types. As the temperatures drop, the cold can wreak havoc on your skin. However, by following these useful winter skincare tips, you can fight back.

Winter Skincare Tips: What Can I Do to Keep My Skin Healthy and Supple this Winter?

1. Hydration is vital, especially during the winter. While this may be easier to do when it’s hot out, it is still equally important during the colder months. Not only is it necessary for your body to function correctly, but staying hydrated can help keep your skin glowing and make any fine lines and wrinkles look less prominent.
2. While you may be tempted to take a hot shower during the winter, it is not advised. Hot water can strip away your skin’s natural moisture, leaving your skin even drier after the fact. Instead, take a lukewarm shower, and be sure to moisturize afterward.
3. When you apply lotion to your skin, make sure it’s not a water-based moisturizer. Water-based moisturizers are meant to be used during the warmer months, not when it’s cold outside. Instead, use one that is oil-based, which is heavier and will offer more protection from the brutal cold.
4. Baby, it’s cold outside, so make sure you bundle up and dress appropriately for the weather. Wearing scarves, hats, and gloves are essential to help protect your skin from the elements. Bundling up properly is also important. Just make sure what you are wearing does not irritate your skin. If you feel itchy, wear something breathable underneath or put on another article of clothing that does not cause irritation!
5. Indoor heating is necessary during the winter. However, it usually makes the air dry, which isn’t good for your skin. Even inside your home, dry air will pull moisture away from the skin and leave it feeling dry. To help combat the effects of dry air in your home, invest in a humidifier to add some moisture back into the air, especially in the areas you spend most of your time.

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