Summer to Fall Skincare: How to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall Skincare

Summer to Fall Skincare: How to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall

As summer turns to fall, cooler weather returns and humidity levels drop, which means you will become more prone to dry skin as the seasons change. Dry air can lead to skin disasters if the proper precautions are not taken, but luckily with the appropriate know-how, you can successfully transition your skin from summer to fall. Following a summer to fall skincare routine can help fend off dry, itchy skin and keep your skin healthy and radiant all season long.

While it is still technically summer, it’s the perfect time to learn more about summer to fall skincare so you can prepare for the season change ahead, and make the seasonal shift a seamless one.

• Switch to gentle skincare products that will not strip the skin of its moisture during the colder months. Gentle products can also lower the risk of tearing or cracking the skin, which can lead to infections.
• To help neutralize the sun exposure experienced, increase your intake of antioxidants. Taking a supplement rich in antioxidants that are good for the skin can help renew and repair sun-damaged skin.
• Going for a chemical or laser peel during the colder months is ideal, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun this season. Peels can help exfoliate the skin and decrease discoloration from the summer sun.
• As the seasons change, it is crucial to keep your skin moisturized. By keeping your skin hydrated, you can limit your chances of developing dry, itchy, blotchy skin. However, make sure you are using a thick moisturizer, not one of the lightweight, oil-free moisturizers you use during the summer.
• If you used a dehumidifier this summer, make sure you switch it out for a humidifier during the colder months. Forced heating and lowered humidity levels will make the air dry, so to boost the hydration levels in your home, invest in a humidifier to add moisture back into the air.
• Don’t forget your lips! The skin on your lips is delicate, so it can become prone to cracking during the colder months. Dry, cracked skin on your lips can be painful, so make sure you keep your lips well moisturized. However, ditch on the thin lip balm, and settle for a thicker lip balm, or even Vaseline to protect the skin.

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