Fact or Fiction: The Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Fact or Fiction: The Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Due to the common misconceptions about plastic surgery, many view this medical specialty as a frivolous practice. However, plastic surgeons are highly trained to perform life-changing procedures. While some individuals opt for plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, many go under the knife to have reconstructive surgery after a horrific accident.

While many may have an adverse reaction to the idea of plastic surgery, there is more to going under the knife than some think. To help put some of the myths to bed, here are some of the common misconceptions about plastic surgery.

The Recovery Process is Long

Due to advancements in techniques and pain control, patients are often able to get back to their daily life rather quickly. While the healing process does take some time, most plastic surgery patients are able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks as long as they follow their doctor’s instructions.

Plastic Surgery is Dangerous

Every time you go under the knife and have an operation, there are risks involved. However, plastic surgery is not any more dangerous than any other surgical procedure. By talking with your surgeon, you can learn more about the potential risks and complications for the procedure in question.

Plastic Surgery is Obvious Looking on a Person

The media often shows us the extreme version of plastic surgery, but those types of surgeries are only a small part of what plastic surgeons do. A good plastic surgeon will aim to make it look like you have not had plastic surgery, and will aim to give you a natural look. If you ask everyone you know, the chances are high that you know at least one person who has had plastic surgery in the past.

Plastic Surgery is Done for Vanity Purposes

Some individuals do get plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, but often the result of this is an improved body image. For many, this improves their quality of life, so why not do it? However, plastic surgery is not performed just to improve your appearance. It is also used to repair birth defects, restore bodily function in a limb, repairing skin after a severe burn, etc.

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