Thinking About Getting a Mini Facelift this Summer?

Summer Mini Facelift Tips

Thinking About Getting a Mini Facelift this Summer?

If you are working towards being the best version of yourself, that may include restoring a more youthful appearance. While one is not needed for the other, for many, boosting their appearance can help raise their self-esteem. During the summer, we are more exposed to the world, so you must be comfortable in your skin if you want to take advantage of everything the season has to offer. Due to this, many are looking for ways to look and feel better in their skin. While some opt to have surgery during the cooler months, there are benefits to summertime surgeries. However, there are things to take into consideration, but following these helpful summer mini facelift tips can help ensure you have the best experience possible.

• If you have any important upcoming events, such as a wedding or vacation, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time between your surgery and the event. Since everyone responds differently, how fast you heal will depend on you.
• Having control over the timing of your surgery is critical, especially during the summer. So, if you know you want to undergo a mini facelift, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. The earlier you do so, the more likely you will be able to select the ideal timing for your needs.
• Do you have little ones at home? If so, make your child care arrangements ahead of time. After surgery, your body needs time to rest and heal, so if possible, make arrangements for someone to take care of the children while you recuperate.
• The heat is cranked high during the summer, and the temptation to go outside might be hard to resist. However, while you are healing, it is crucial that you avoid drinking alcohol, exercising, and heat. All of the above can make your face flush, which can contribute to swelling. So instead, stay inside and stay cool to help speed along the healing process.
• Even though a facelift is conducted using smaller incisions than a traditional facelift, it is crucial that you refrain from swimming for at least one month. If you plan on enjoying a hot tub or plan on swimming in a river, lake, or ocean, make sure you wait at least six weeks to reduce your risk for a bacterial infection.

If you found these summer mini facelift tips helpful, contact us today for a consultation. During your consultation, we will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that’s centered around your unique needs.

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