The Botox Brow Lift Boom: What’s the Deal?


The Botox Brow Lift Boom: What’s the Deal?

With nonsurgical procedures becoming more and more popular, we’re seeing a wild increase in Botox use around the world. From plump lips to creaseless foreheads, injections are used all over the face to “cure” a number of complaints and insecurities. However, the Botox brow lift may just be today’s holy grail of injections. 

Botox Brow Lift Boom: What’s the Craze?

Not too long ago a brow lift required a strict incision from ear to ear, arching over the top of the head. While this procedure was very effective, many were turned off by it due to the invasiveness, cost, scarring, and post-operative downtime. This surgery also put patients at risk for permanent nerve damage and hair loss, so there’s no wonder why we’ve turned to a more desirable option: the Botox brow lift. 

What makes the Botox brow lift so desirable? It’s simple: no anesthesia, no incision, and hardly any downtime. Impressively, the whole procedure takes under a minute and the most pain felt is a slight needle prick. It’s easy, painless, and doesn’t leave a trace or scar, unlike the more intense brow lift procedures.

The Outcome

What does a Botox brow lift look like? You’ve probably seen it over a hundred times at this point, whether you recognize it or not. See Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively below:

botox brow lift Jennier Lawrence
Image from
Image from

The end result leaves a more open and doe-eyed look. The purpose of a brow lift is to lift the upper half of your face to eliminate sleepiness and accentuate interest. When the eyes appear more open or lifted, it gives off a more intense sense of enthusiasm and personal connection. Notice how Jennifer looks a little more animated and alive in the second picture post brow lift. 

Beyond the doe-eyed effect, a brow lift removes forehead wrinkles, raises sagging eyelids, reduces the appearance of hooded eyes, and leaves the patient looking more alive but in the most natural way possible. The key to neutrality is to not overdo it. Surgical procedures or even too much Botox can leave the undesirable “surprised” plastic surgery look on patients.  

This is not to say that brow lifts do not come with complications. While there are few risks, some patients do see temporary bruising or swelling, just as you would with any other injection. Botox is not recommended for those who are pregnant. Remember, you should always consult your doctor before you begin any procedure, whether surgical or not.

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