Skincare Myths: Debunking 5 Skincare Myths


Skincare Myths: Debunking 5 Skincare Myths

With summer around the corner, many are looking for new ways to control, calm, and clear their skin. From charcoal trends to tanning beds, there’s an endless amount of skincare myths circulating the internet these days. Before you go and try out a bunch of different skincare products and techniques, check out these five skincare myths. 

Debunking Common Skincare Myths

No, it’s not supposed to burn your face

If it’s burning, it’s probably not working. While a little tingle from a product is expected in some cases, you should never feel like your skin is burning or irritated. If you feel a burning sensation, quickly remove the product from your face with a cold washcloth. It is likely your skin is sensitive to the product or allergic to one of its ingredients.

Charcoal isn’t a cure-All

We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the charcoal kit you bought last week will not help fight blackheads. Despite the recent trend, dermatologists state there is no scientific backing that supports charcoal’s alleged acne-fighting benefits. If you’re planning an at-home spa day or want to try out a new face mask, skip the charcoal.  

Creams can erase your wrinkles

The majority of the products you find in the store do little to nothing to erase wrinkles. The only skincare product with a proven history for reversing fine lines is a topical retinoid. Topical retinoids work hard to repair your wrinkles by increasing skin cell turnover and leaving you with a soft, rejuvenated finish. Beyond fine lines, retinoids are also great for battling acne and sun damage. If you want to erase wrinkles without a surgical procedure or injections, pick up a topical retinoid. 

No UVB is okay for me

Recently, we’ve seen a surge of tanning salons promote tanning beds without UVB. While it’s great to eliminate exposure to harmful UVB rays, tanning beds still contain UVA rays that penetrate even deeper into the skin and cause premature signs of aging.

Wait it out

Most people assume a skincare product is inefficient or bogus when they don’t see results within the first few days of use. In actuality, it takes weeks and even months for the product to leave a noticeable difference on your skin. This is because our skin goes through a natural process of renewal called desquamation. This is your skin’s way of removing dead cells and replacing them with new ones. The whole cycle takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. Next time you feel frustrated with a product, give it a little more time. 

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