Skincare Routine Order: What To Use And When

Skincare Routine Order

Skincare Routine Order: What To Use And When

Your skincare routine order is crucial. Even if you’re using the best products on the market, if you’re not applying them in the correct order, you’re not receiving the full benefits of your skincare products. Below is a proper skincare routine order so you can start seeing better results and benefit from the products you are using. 

First Step in Skincare Routine Order: Makeup Remover

This should be the first step for anyone’s skincare routine. It’s impossible for your skincare products to penetrate your skin if you’re wearing a full face of makeup. While makeup wipes are easy and convenient, they aren’t the best for cleaning your skin, and can sometimes irritate your skin depending on your skin type. Try an oil, balm, or micellar water to thoroughly remove makeup from your face and eyes. 

Second Skincare Step: Cleanser

Now that you’ve removed your makeup, it’s time to clean your skin. There are all sorts of cleansers to fit your skin type – some are better for acne-prone skin and others are better for super oily or super dry skin. There are so many options to choose from that compliment your skin type. We recommend going with a cleanser that is pH free so your skin’s pH balance does not waver.

Next up: Toner

A lot of people don’t know what toner is, even if they use it daily/nightly. Toner removes dead skin cells which makes it easier for your skin to absorb skincare products. Toner also balances your skin’s texture, tone, and clarity, and unclogs pores and blackheads. If you’re prone to acne, try a toner with beta hydroxy acid. If you’re prone to acne but still have dry skin, try an alpha hydroxy-based toner.

Wait 5 minutes before applying your next skincare product so your skin has time to reap the full benefits from your toner. 

Fourth Step in Skincare Routine Order: Serums

The next step in your skincare routine order is a serum. Much like a cleanser, whatever serum you use should be based on what your skin really needs. Vitamin C is a very popular serum because it fights inflammation, brightens skin, and lightens dark spots. While you can use two different serums, it’s best to not use them at the same time. Consider using one at night, and the other in the morning. 

Don’t Forget: Eye Cream

Eye creams are great for building elasticity and maintaining healthy, thick eyelids. Eye cream can also help to improve fine lines and support collagen production, the agent that keeps skin looking youthful and wrinkle-free. Look for an eye cream that is hydrating and light. 

You Choose: Spot Treatments 

Again, the spot treatment you decide to use depends on what your skin really needs. If you have acne scars or dark circles, try a spot treatment that contains vitamin B3 or hydroquinone. If you currently have zits/pimples, try either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid treatment. However, do not use these two together, it may be too much for your skin and make your breakout worse. 

Apply a thin layer of your spot treatment to the needed areas and wait one minute before moving on to the next step in your skincare routine. 

Second to Last Step: Moisturizer

Moisturizers are applied towards the end of your skincare routine order because they help trap products on to your skin, making the products more effective. Aim for a moisturizer that is light, hydrating and contains SPF 30. Look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, lipids, and proteins, as these agents work hard to protect your skin against the sun, sunspots, and wrinkles.

Last in your skincare routine order: Sunscreen

Everyone should be applying sunscreen daily—no matter your skin type. Sunscreen fights off premature aging, scars, and helps reduce your risk of skin cancer. For optimal effectiveness, use a sunscreen with zinc and SPF 30. Zinc provides the broadest protection against UVA and UVB rays which are harmful to your skin. 

Now that you know your skincare routine order, you can work towards a healthier, more balanced appearance. While all of these steps are important and help your skin in different ways, remember you won’t see results overnight. If after time you have lingering scars, sunspots, or sagging eyelids, consider treatments like blepharoplasty and ultherapy to enhance your skin’s overall appearance.

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