How Lifestyle Can Affect Facelift Maintenance

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How Lifestyle Can Affect Facelift Maintenance

If you’re considering having, or you’ve already had a facelift, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your fantastic results looking as fresh as possible. We have your secrets to maintaining your youthful glow and keeping your facelift looking as good as new.

Exercise Regularly

Keep in mind that directly after a facelift, you are advised to lay off any sort of exercise that can raise your heart rate for up to 6 weeks, so it is essential to follow guidelines given by your surgeon. However, a regular exercise regimen is crucial to long-term maintenance. Exercise is one of the most widely cited anti-aging methods. It helps to increase circulation and blood flow so that the blood can carry waste products away from the cells and deliver vital nutrients that keep skin cells healthy and happy. Regular exercise can improve acne, reduce wrinkles and even brighten dull skin.

Improve your Diet

Nutrients are instrumental in the healing process after a facelift. They help to heal your bruising while maintaining healthy-looking skin. A diet rich in fruits and veggies can help to preserve and prolong the effects from your facelift. Especially eating foods that have anti-aging properties and are high in antioxidants such as olive oil, berries, nuts, dark chocolate. It is equally important to eliminate any foods that can hinder your healthy ageless, skin like sugar.

Stop Smoking

Some surgeons won’t even perform specific surgeries on smokers because of the dangerous risks that smoking presents. Smoking increases the risk of anesthesia complication and smokers tend to have a longer recovery time than non-smokers. In the long-term, smoking can harm results. Since your facelift is designed to slow down aging, engaging in a behavior that accelerates aging can offset some of the anti-aging effects.

Keep up with Skincare

Establishing a good skincare routine is always a must. As always, you should include cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Additionally be sure to continue using products that contain anti-aging ingredients such as  Retinoids and Retinols, green tea, and B and E vitamins. Especially during the summertime, sunblock is essential. Always protect your skin against further sun damage especially immediately after the procedure. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and be sure to use sunblock with a high SPF.

Return to your Surgeon’s Office

Although you are likely to maintain your youthful look beautifully by following these tips, there’s always another option for down the line. You can enhance the results of your facelift with dermal fillers, laser or other tightening procedures. These procedures are also used for the parts of the face affected by the facelift like the upper face.


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