Remove Lines and Wrinkles with Upper Face Botox

upper face botox NYC

Remove Lines and Wrinkles with Upper Face Botox

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered, “When did those lines get there?” Luckily, lines and wrinkles can vanish easily with upper face Botox. This non-invasive treatment can get rid of many unwanted lines on your face. Today’s cosmetic procedures can defy aging and help you look your best. Botox is an affordable treatment that often only takes minutes to complete. You can be in and out of the door feeling radiant and confident, which makes Botox NYC worth every penny. Here are the main areas of the upper face that can be treated with botox.


As people age, lines known as crow’s feet form around the eyes. In fact, this is generally a person’s first sign of aging. They often form during a person’s mid-thirties, only to grow more noticeable as time passes. Botox treatments around the eyes relax muscles known as the large ocularis orbis. Because Botox makes the muscles less tense, the skin in that area smooths out in appearance.

Glabellar Region

Also known as the two prominent wrinkles between your eyebrows, the glabellar region develops deep lines over the years, mainly as a result of frowning. When someone frowns or even concentrates, the eyebrows contract, which makes the skin in between furrow and fold, creating the “11” in between the eyebrows. These lines can form as early as in a person’s twenties. For many people, the effect of Botox is most noticeable in this area of the face. Botox treats the lines in the glabellar region with tiny injections into the procerus muscle between the eyes and the corrugator muscles above the eyebrows.


As the collagen in our skin breaks down during aging, eyebrows begin to droop. Beyond looking perpetually tired, eyebrow droop can become more serious if starts affecting your vision. If you are looking to avoid an eyebrow lift in traditional cosmetic surgery, a safer and cheaper alternative is a Botox treatment. In this procedure, specific muscles are targeted across the eyebrow in order to shape the original anatomy of the face into a lifted position. Eyebrow lifts using Botox are booming in popularity, even among patients who would generally avoid Botox otherwise.


Aging causes the forehead to lose elasticity over time, causing deep horizontal wrinkles to develop. Minimizing the lines across our forehead can go beyond improving appearance: it can create a dramatic effect on our confidence. Treating the frontalis muscle, the carefully placed Botox injections will vary by the patient and the number of wrinkles that need to be addressed. Botox will weaken the muscles underneath this area of skin, resulting in the muscles no longer moving your skin and returning your forehead as wrinkle-free.  

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