Nourish Your Sunkissed Skin: Summer Skincare Tips

Nourish Your Sunkissed Skin: Summer Skincare Tips

When the sun comes out for summer, everyone is ready to lay out for hours getting a summer glow. However, don’t go running outside in a swimsuit just yet. Nourishing your skin is important all year round, but more sun exposure requires you to take extra care of your skin. You don’t have to hide indoors all summer, but it is important to enjoy sun-filled activities happily and safely. Here are some helpful summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy all season.

Sunscreen, always

This by far the most important skincare tip we can give. It may seem obvious to use sunscreen in the summer, but it needs to go beyond one time before you sunbathe. It is crucial to be diligent in applying multiple layers of sunscreen per hour for the most coverage and protection. In fact, it should be a general habit for people to apply sunscreen every day regardless of the time of year. SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.

Avoid using Heavy Moisturizers

A common misconception is that people need to use more hydrating and moisturizing products during the summer months to combat skin dryness and to protect it from the sun. However, the heat will end up making the skin look greasy, and it is more likely to clog pores. Instead, using a lightweight night moisturizer during the summertime is recommended. Skin cells have shown to regenerate faster during the night, and it is a good opportunity to hydrate and replenish your skin while you sleep.

Clog-Free Cosmetics

Foundation is the ultimate tool to even out your skin tone and create a barrier between your skin and the sun. That being said, lighter formulas will work best in the summer. Maybe swap out your full-coverage foundation with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Eye shadows, blushes, and powders are also good options because they are more lightweight, and therefore less likely to clog your pores.

Protect your Lips

Lips are made of delicate skin tissue that is often neglected in the SPF department. When applying sunscreen, remember to take protective measures for your lips as well. There are plenty of moisturizing SPF lip balms on the market.

Smart Accessories

Think about how your clothes can be another layer of protection from the sun. For instance, a baseball cap will not protect your face as well as a wide-brimmed hat. Also, look for sunglasses with built-in UV protection.

Take Cold Showers

After being out in the hot sun all day, the last thing your skin wants is scalding hot water poured on it. It will further dry your skin out. Instead, try taking a cold shower that will help skin retain moisture and unclog pores.

Fight Acne Everywhere

During the hotter summer months, acne can pop up anywhere, including some embarrassing locations. For this reason, it is important to wash all over with a gentle cleanser.

Do Not Scratch

We know how tempting it is to scratch that itchy and maybe even painful bug bite, but trust us it’s not worth it. Excessive scratching can lead to breaking the skin and subsequent scarring. Be proactive with bug repellent, and if something happens to bite you, apply anti-itch cream as soon as possible.

Eat Your SPF

It may sound a little crazy at first, but studies have shown evidence that oral intake of vitamins C and E together can actually limit potential for sunburn. So, if you decide on a salad with vitamin C rich citrus, berries, tomato, and vitamin E rich nuts, you will have an ideal SPF meal. But remember, you still have to apply sunscreen.

Stay Hydrated

Prolonged periods of being in the heat are bound to dehydrate you, so the last of our summer skincare tips is to stay on track with drinking enough water throughout the day. Dehydration can take a serious toll on the whole body, which includes your skin. So drink up!


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