The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2016

Most Popular Plastic Surgery

The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2016

As the years pass, plastic surgery is becoming more and more widely accepted, not only among celebrities, but among regular people like you and me. Not only are we seeing an uptick in common procedures like facelifts, breast implants, and liposuction, but thanks to pop culture and beauty trends, we’ve seen significant trends in very particular procedures. Below, we’re highlighting the most popular plastic surgery procedures we’ve seen so far in 2016:

Lip Augmentation

As non-invasive procedures like injectables and fillers gain traction, more and more patients come to the office requesting lip injections for larger lips. Some facial plastic surgeons claim they saw over a 40 percent increase in lip augmentation requests compared to last year. While beauty trends definitely play a role, we can also thank celebrities like Kylie Jenner for this sudden and drastic increase in the need for larger lips.

Chin and Neck Procedures

2016 is all about the chin and neck, as plastic surgeons across the nation say that more and more people come to their offices requesting chin sculpting and procedures to melt excess fat around the neck. One fairly new non-invasive procedure called Kybella is seeing a particular increase in popularity this year. Kybella is an injectable given in-office and requires little to no downtime. Patients often see fat melt from their neck area in three to six months.

Botox Early On

While Botox was once viewed as a filler for older patients to hide signs of aging, patients as young as their early twenties are now choosing to receive Botox as a preventative measure, before signs of fine lines and wrinkles emerge. Many plastic surgeons recommend a filler such as Botox, along with an external skincare regimen, to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming early on. Other options for anti-aging skin care include vitamin C serums and chemical peels.

Whether you’re looking to stay on top of beauty trends or just want to update your look, consider the most popular procedures of 2016 before making your decision about your next plastic surgery procedure. Remember, plastic surgery is a constantly changing field, and new procedures are being invented everyday. If you do not like any aspect of your appearance, you have the power to change it.

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