5 Facts You Should Know About Septorhinoplasty

patient being prepped for septorhinoplasty surgery

5 Facts You Should Know About Septorhinoplasty

You’ve heard of a rhinoplasty, or nose job before, but what about a septorhinoplasty? In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge spike in septorhinoplasty in NYC, with patients often seeking help from a plastic surgeon for cosmetic and medical issues with their nose. So, what is a septorhinoplasty and is it the right procedure for you? Before you go under the knife, consider these 5 facts about the surgery first.

It’s Not Just Cosmetic

While a traditional rhinoplasty procedure is generally for cosmetic purposes only, a septorhinoplasty is for both cosmetic and medical purposes. This procedure addresses any cosmetic abnormalities in the nose, as well as issues like a deviated septum, to help patients breath properly.

It Won’t Break The Bank

While some plastic surgery procedures can be extremely pricey, especially in NYC, a septorhinoplasty in NYC is relatively affordable. According to the ASAPS, the average cost of a nasal surgery in 2015 was about $4,800.

Recovery is Mild

Some patients expect a lot of downtime after a nose surgery, with lots of blood, pain and surgical packing. Modern plastic surgery has improved a lot, though, and these days, doctors rarely use packing for post-surgery healing. Typically, patients are required to wear a small cast for up to five days after their surgery.

Winter is Prime Time

Plastic surgeons generally perform most of their nasal surgeries in the winter months, when recovery is faster and patients have more vacation time. During recovery, doctors recommend avoiding intense, direct sunlight on the nose, so the winter months make for ideal conditions for recovery from rhinoplasty.

Recovery is Quicker Without Meds

Medicine like Advil, Motrin, and Aspirin can cause bleeding during recovery, so doctors generally recommend steering clear of these types of painkillers. Instead, you can turn to homeopathic herbs that help ease bruising and swelling.

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