Anti Aging Injections: Finding the Right Injectable For You

Anti Aging Injections: Finding the Right Injectable For You

With so many options on the market to help combat the effects of aging, it can be difficult to decide what is right for you. While some people may think the decision is simply choosing between a surgical procedure or non-invasive injectable, the truth is that there are so many anti aging injections on the market, and each one combats a different concern. Below, we break down each injectable based on your aging concerns, so you can choose the right injectable for your specific concern.

Concern: Fine Lines

If fine lines are your concern when it comes to aging skin, consider a hyaluronic acid filler to be injected superficially into the fine lines. These types of fillers have a low viscosity, so they are ideal for injecting superficially into the skin. One important thing to note about this type of anti aging injection is that, because it does not go as deep into the skin as other injectables, it generally requires more frequent touch-ups.

Concern: Thin Lips

If bigger lips are what you’re wishing for, hyaluronic acid filler should also be your injectable of choice. This tends to be the most natural-feeling filler, so your lips look and feel as if you didn’t have them done. We generally recommend Juvederm hyaluronic acid filler for lip augmentation, but Restylane is another excellent option.

Concern: Lost Volume

As we age, we tend to lose the plumpness and volume we once had, especially in the facial area. If this is your concern, you may need a combination of different fillers to address various areas of the face, depending on how much volume you need. We generally see a combination of Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse, but the key is to use an injection that is thick enough to fill while still looking totally natural.

As you can see, there are so many options for anti aging injections, depending on your concern. Make sure to choose an injectable that is as thin as possible to get the job done, in order to maintain a natural appearance.

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